Cylinder Head Repair

Our pride is your best insurance in receiving the quality you expect. All work is done on our premises and starts with a complete tear-down and thorough inspection of every head entering our shop.

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Domestic Heads

Some heads are quite durable, but others are disappointingly fragile. The sheer number of heads we deal with creates an extensive knowledge base over time, and we have learned that many factory heads have inherent weak points.

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Foreign Heads

In order to repair all cracks in the aluminum head, we thoroughly pressure test each and every aluminum head up to five times, or more! This comprehensive pressure testing insures all cracks are repaired properly. It is the only way we can offer the best warranty in the business!

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Need Engine Parts?

With an inventory of over 2,000 different cylinder heads, we're your one-stop source for complete cylinder heads, foreign or domestic. We also have all internal engine parts for all your engine building needs. If you're in or around East Point, Georgia, we can deliver the parts right to you, or we offer nationwide shipping for your convenience.

Expert Cylinder Head Remanufacturing

Allied Motor Parts has over 150 years of experience of remanufacturing automotive and light truck cylinder heads. Within our 25,000sf plant located just south of Atlanta, we have a large selection of cylinder heads to cover most all makes and models. We also have custom building for any obsolete or late model cylinder head that you may have problems locating.

The machinists at Allied Motor Parts specialize in remanufacturing cylinder heads. They can offer most any cylinder head foreign or domestic at very competitive prices.

Every cylinder head goes through detailed cleaning, machining and expert reassembly before being thoroughly tested. All of our cylinder heads are assembled to OEM specifications or better to guarantee your satisfaction.

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